Ride (Warren Miller Entertainment 2000)

Reviewing legacy ski movies provides a level of interest different from more recent films.  You can see what passed for extreme skiing back then and you can have a look for skiers who are still around today.  Warren Miller’s 2000 offering “Ride” provides exactly that.  First off, “Ride” is a Warren Miller film that Miller was actually involved in so you get a healthy does of the ski legend’s trade mark sense of humour (“Remember: you can’t get hurt skiing unless you fall”).  While the skiing in “Ride” is good, it certainly doesn’t compare technically and stylistically to what you would expect to see in 2011.  But then today’s equipment is a little more advanced to say the least and the progression of tricks has had the advantage of time.  Hugo Harrison’s sequence in Whistler is a good example; he’s got some nice smooth runs but compare that to the big mountain charging in his films for Matchstick particularly “In Deep” and it’s night and day.  One thing that does stand the test of time is the footage from Mike Weigle’s heli-ski operation in Blue River BC.  Year after year the terrain that Weigle’s can access offers a gold-mine of amazing powder ski sequences.  I think Weigle’s is going on the bucket list as a must-ski destination.  “Ride” has also got a very cool little glimpse of the future in its sequence from the Nissan Pathfinder Mogul Exhibition.  The ski team there includes future ski icons Evan Raps, Mike Douglas and a sixteen-year old Tanner Hall, all of whom are throwing inverts and rotations that are the blueprints for today’s arsenal of freeskiing tricks.  Of course, with “Ride” being produced in 2000, the influence of snowboarding in mountain culture was at a high so there’s loads of boarding footage including some of the late hero Craig Kelly delivering the moves that skiers would adopt over the next decade.  “Ride” might not be chocked with the same level of adrenaline you’d see in movies ten years on and the skiing might be less technical but it still looks like a whole lot of fun and fun never falls behind the times.    By Mark “The Attorney General” Quail – 6/10

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