Dynasty (Warren Miller Entertainment 2009)

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Director Max Bervy has put together a great collection of ski stories ranging from Mike Wiegele’s heliski operation in the Caribous in Blue River, BC to the now seemingly bitter-sweet segment on Ingrid and (the late) Arne Backstrom skiing at Crystal Mountain.  Famous and infamous skiers both past and present drift in and out of the frame as the stories of those who have spent their lives skiing unwind in beautiful shots.  The soundtrack rocks and the editing is tight and that coalesces to punch certain segments into overdrive like the piece on the Points North Heliadventures guides when the track from Silversun Pickups locks in or when the volume hitches up on the Snow Patrol track as The Crist Brothers shred The Burn in Sun Valley.  It’s all done with the casual, folksy attitude that’s the trade-mark of the Warren Miller brand even in the segments they have licensed from other ski and board film companies like Poor Boyz and Standard. As always, they ship ski-icon Chris Anthony out to some far-flung place and this time he reports back with an awesome story on skiing with the locals in Northern China.  Cool film; it makes you glad that winter begins now.   By Mark “The Attorney General” Quail – 8/10

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