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Skiing in the North American east can be a hit and miss affair, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – kind of like surfing off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Winter 2012 was one of those “miss” winters. That meant trying to produce a ski movie spelled trouble for Geoff McDonald and Chris James and the renowned Meathead crew of hardcore eastern skiers.

No Matter What is more an exercise in stubborn resilience to get what shots are possible on the days when there was snow to be had.  The crew struggles to hit whatever urban and park features they can all the while framed by the greens and browns of the snowless environs around them. But being in the right place at the right time did pay off for Meathead Films because in the middle of a craptastic season they captured the best powder sequence of 2012 (as voted by the 45 industry judges of the 2013 Powder Video Awards).

Lousy conditions also means the Meatheads have to dig into the bottom of their bag of tricks in order to flesh out their movie.  And so they redo scenes done before: witness the bump skiers in 80s gear again reminiscent of Meathead’s 2010’s Work It Out.

Gone this year are Meathead stalwarts like LJ Strenio (injury), Shea Flynn and Andy Parry but shredders like Will Wesson and Dan Marion keep the excitement level up (as always). New guy Colby Vavolotis looks particularly smooth too, tearing it up in Vermont and Andrew Whiteford rips it seriously on the road to Switzerland, back-country double back flips included.

The editing’s on point and that always helps when you’re dealing with OK, but not great looking footage (again, snow conditions not lack of camera talent) but the suckage factor on the music is too high for my tastes.  A great soundtrack can make all the difference in the energy level coaxed out of the pictures and it’s just not here.

No Matter What won’t top the list of must watch ski movies on 2012 but sometimes Mother Nature can be a bitch.  Better luck in 2013.   By Mark “The Attorney General” Quail

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Reviewed by AttorneyGeneral on February 7, 2013

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