Corduroy (Rage Films 2006)

Watch the Corduroy Trailer

Rage’s team just kill it in “Corduroy”.  They’ve got burning big mountain footage, rails that will make you holler “OOOOHHHH!!!!” at your big screen and dizzying, bluebird-framed kickers all set to a tightly edited, blitzing pace.  “Corduroy” has got living legends (Reggie and Zach Crist) and vital new blood (Tim Durtschi, Cody Townsend, and Sammy Carlson) that in five years time will be legends.  Kyler Cooley and Kent Krietler show you the drill in the two opening sequences and destroy in both.  Durtschi then steps up to unleash the dogs of war in the back-country and a slew of rails.  Then he schools you on an insane but  effective way of getting speed to hit those rails – I can’t say more, you just have to see it.  “Corduroy” rolls out like that for the rest of the movie with guys like Ian “Chug” Cosco, Wiley Miller and Dan Marion.  John Spriggs, the 6’4” big man launches off kickers and spins in the air with the agility and style that some top NBA players can only dream of.  If you have forgotten or never knew Sammy Carlson’s early skills in the back-country and outside of park, take a look at the little segment he delivers in “Corduroy”.  Tom Hayes and Titlus Engelberg get the honours to close out the show as they surf down mountains in a slick, liquid fashion while pinned up against Chrome Locust’s track “New World Disorder”.  Rage filled their soundtrack shopping cart with primo material and it looks like they edited with a canister of nitrous oxide attached to the computer to ensure that every jump, flip and tear explodes off the screen with maximum impact.  If there’s a weak link at all it’s the animation linking the segments, not the coolest idea on the planet but who cares.  What counts is the film and it’s all money.    By Mark “The Attorney General” Quail – 8/10

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