Side By Side (Field Productions 2010)

Side By Side Trailer

In previous movies like “Eyes Wide Open” and “Get Lucky”, director Filip Christensen’s visual style, his edits and his choice in soundtracks has always added up to stellar film-making.  His end product was so arresting that it sometimes made you over-look the talents of his crew of skiers.  This time out, in “Side By Side” the quality level of the film-making remains high but the progression in the tricks by skiers like Jon Olsson (double corked 1440 big air), Aleksander Aurdal (back flip off a roof) and the film’s co-director Even Sigstad (killer performances on a series of urban rail rides, half of them on one leg) is totally off the hook. These guys are like aerial drones on air strikes: they fly in and destroy.  Just as a good ski movie should, “Side By Side” cruises through the back-country, rips in the park and on the rails and astounds on the big mountains.  The only point on which “Side By Side” does not match up with Christensen’s previous works is in the soundtrack – most of it is uninspiring with the lone standout being Pretty Lights’ “I Can See It In Your Face” which undperpins an awesome urban sequence that carries on into the Norwegian back country with the same group of skiers.  Christensen and Sigstad are a strong team though and deserve their place in the leading ski movie companies out there.     By Mark “The Attorney General” Quail – 9/10

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